Space Upgrade

In February 2003 we hopped on a ferry to Pender Island for our first company retreat. 

We rented a beautiful lodge and spent two days brainstorming, talking into the night about where we wanted to take the company.

Among other things, we realized if this whole internet thing ever goes away we have some rather unappreciated talents to fall back on.

In March we got serious in our search for more Office Space.  It took longer than we had hoped, but we refused to settle for anything less than office space that inspired us.

Finally we found it.

Right across the back alley from our old offices.  It had everything we wanted, including brick and skylights.

All it needed was a little work.

After three years in Bastion Square, we were moving on.  When we arrived there were four of us.  Now there were fifteen. 

Moving offices was a bigger project than we expected.  First we got rid of all the life-draining fluorescent lights and installed hallogen lights in their place. 

We chose paint colours that could be used in multiple combinations. The halls were painted a professional beige and light blue, and then everyone could do whatever they liked with their rooms.  People came up with all kinds of crazy combinations, such as Jordan's Submarine Room and Adrian's Red Room.

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When our phone and internet connections didn't show up on time, we strung them across the alley from our old place.  Every morning the garbage trucks would narrowly miss the cords, but our "GhettoNet" setup bought us the month we needed.

In the new office, phone and ethernet cords ran inside the walls instead of beside them. The servers kicked back in a locked, air-conditioned room instead of a crawl space under the stairs.

In fact, the new space had all kinds of improvements.  We had our own kitchen, a full-size boardroom with three of the biggest whiteboards you can buy.  We had a shower.  Heck, we even had a dishwasher!

Best of all everyone got an office with a door.

It was great to be able to... close your door when needed.

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