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This site is no longer updated.  It is 'frozen' in time... still pretty useful though.   - Aaron

Sitelaunch is your source of free tools, guides and resources to help you make great sites.   And since you're already here, learn how to give your counter a workout!

So what's NEW?
From the new-stuff-from-Aaron dept.

It's finally finished (mostly). I've invented a Javascript/Perl/HTML gadget that can add some serious coolness to your site.  It's a box (example below) that you put on your site - customizable to match our site's look and focus!

Check it out at

From the oooooh-a-new-power-tool dept.

I have run across an incredibly cool resource!   Steve Gibson has done some fancy scripting, and enabled you to see how secure your computer is to outside probing (and therefore attack).   It's free to use, and it's right here!

From the customer-pleasin' dept.

Bob Leduc has written a great article about holding onto your customers' attention.  Like most other great tips, this one's easy to implement and will impact your bottom line directly.

The Unexpected Thank-You