Office Space
In early 2000 we incorporated and started looking for Real Office Space.

Eventually we found the right place - lots of brick, 18-foot ceilings and tall windows that let in lots of light. At $2300/month it was more than we could afford. On the other hand taking a smaller, more affordable space wouldn't leave us any room to grow. It was a scary decision, and way out of our comfort zone.

The rental contract included such gems as, "if you violate this agreement in any one of the following 23 ways, we're allowed to come in without warning, kick you out, confiscate all your stuff and put it in storage. And if this happens, you will not only continue to pay rent, you'll also pay the costs to keep all your stuff in storage."

Evidently, that's all pretty standard stuff, and so we signed on the dotted line and the space was ours. 

It was great.  McDonald's was no longer the closest restaurant, we could hold job interviews at the office, and we had plenty of space to spread out. We felt important. We must be going places... we have office space!.

There are some nice things to be said for everyone working around one table, but most of those things are, "it's too loud," and, "who's phone was that?"

Once we could afford it everyone got their own desk, which went a long way towards making it a personal space.

In the summer we put together the world's first driveable webcam. It was ugly as heck but people could access it online and drive it around. We figured people would use it to explore the office, but a more typical use was to pan around until you saw a person and then drive it into their legs.

Nick would eventually add a text-to-voice feature so people could make the robot talk. He gave it an English butler accent, and while many words weren't available in the software with a little creativity you could get where you needed to go.  Nick's favourite sentence was "Greg wears span decks."

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