Without office space we can live and work from wherever life takes us.  Right now that's across five cities and three times zones.  We can hire amazing people wherever they live, and collaborate online with inexpensive tools. 

Complete geographic freedom.

We spent most of 2006 working on our products based on user feedback, and as things improved people told their friends.  By early 2007 over 300,000 people had created accounts with us.

We rewarded ourselves with a trip to the SXSW interactive conference in Austin, Texas.

Because we work remotely many of us had never actually met each other, let alone shared a time zone.  It was great to match faces to voices and raise a glass together in person.

We learned all day, partied at night and discussed world domination in hushed voices.  And somehow working together felt different when we got home. 

... which brings us to the present!

Things are looking up.  Our largest customer represents less than 1% of revenues, and we've finally found that diversified, recurring income stream we've been looking for.  The form processing business won't make us rich anytime soon, but it'll give us a platform upon which we can innovate.

We'll keep trying new things, both in our projects and as a team learning how to work together remotely.  So far we've stuck to our values and played our own game. 

It's all based on trust, and it's working.

see you around!

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