Wondermill Crew
Alias: Keeper of the Mill
Special Power: Crawls really, really fast

After severing ties with the K.G.B., C.I.A. and Zellers, Aaron was looking for something new to do. He founded Wondermill when his latest book, "Still here. Still crazy." received mixed reviews, never achieving the massive public acclaim of his earlier work, "Here I am, and I'm Nuts."

Aaron also founded several online discotheques, most of which failed rather quickly.

Big hugs and hot chocolate to everyone who
lent us a hand along the way:

Shannon Baikie, Noam Sturmwind, Cara Reid, Blake Soley, Judd Vinet, Tim Walker, Jonathan Bowers, Grant Storry, Rob Banfield, Shane Erno, Jason Chu, Adrian Taverner, Jason Kolt, Nick Holland, Greg Bate, Jordan Visco, Kirstie Paterson, Ryan Cumming, Anton Kerr, Todd Dunlop, Dave Arnsdorf, Kyle Cummings, Dylan Touhey, Steve Shubitz, Edwin Hayward, Rick Stewart, Teun van Eijsden, Deborah "Smudgers" Lander, Cary Van who
tattooed our logo on her arm, Nicole Treleaven, Jay Ziebarth, Devon Erno, Cathie Walker, Byron Alley, Jason Teakle, Briana Rayner, Chris Hammond, Rose Singh, Ross Purdy, Michael Peters, Kevin Savage, Jean Dragushan, Graham Dragushan, Ron Dragushan, Toni Garrett, Greg Bell, Myron Gates, Vikki Watt, Ryan Adams, Derek Alan, Spencer Uresk, Lana Hilgersom, James Bogusz, Aaron Zelins, Ellen Dragushan, Joe Brunwald, Neil Gurton, Sheny Gregory, Mike Higgins, David Beroff, Gill Graeme, Evgenya Shkolnik, Denise Knorr, Harriet Goldis, Dave Cusack, Randy Cassingham, Ben Prater, Jeff Henderson, Marc McDonald, Guillermo Nuñez, Kristopher Young, Anne Mitchell, Tim Carter, Christian Sanfiel, Jeff McNeill, James Bogusz, Karen Levitt, Andy Adams, Ali Rahr, Igor Feghali and of course our loyal and trusty servers over the years; Thunder, Lightning, Storm, Monsoon, Tsunami, Nelson, Wiggum, Milhouse, Mr Burns, GroundsKeeperWillie, Stewie, Bertram, Homer, Marge, Hermes, Iris, Maia, Arella, Nuncio and Mercury.

Thanks guys