Wondermill is on a mission:

To make useful services and software...

Since 1998, we've served over 300 million people, and another 50,000 people will use our software today.

Our sites have been named "Incredibly Useful Site of the Day" by Yahoo! and featured in PC Magazine, The BBC News, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press.

… and enjoy our work!

We're playing by our own rules and building our dream workplace. We work in a friendly, open atmosphere where people are included in key decisions and work-life balance is respected.

Because we don't rely on outside clients we can choose what projects to tackle, and work together remotely from wherever we want (usually in our pajamas.)

Our latest creations


Waiting on hold sucks. Next time you just want to talk to a real person at a company, instead of waiting on hold, we'll have them call you. No more waiting on hold. Visit FastCustomer

Ice Cream for Everyone

Entrepreneurs: How to stop getting distracted, focus like a laser on what matters to the success of your business, and actually get yourself to stick to it until you achieve your financial and business goals. Visit Upgrade Me


Freedback helps small and medium-sized businesses put forms (eg. "contact us") on their websites. We also run Response-O-Matic. Visit Freedback

Ice Cream for Everyone

Our founder's weblog, sharing lessons learned while building an open company where everyone works remotely. Visit Ice Cream for Everyone

Giftcard Zen

In this difficult economy we wanted to help people free up cash sitting around in gift cards, so we created Giftcard Zen which lets you sell gift cards OR save money by buying gift cards for top merchants at a discount. We offer free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all transactions.

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